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Friday, 9th August

Products for Epilepsy / Bipolar

Epilepsy / Bipolar Products

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  • Risperidone 1mg

    30 $22.75 $0.76




    100 $39.50 $0.40 $36.33




  • Risperidone 2mg

    30 $27.50 $0.92




    100 $59.95 $0.60 $31.72




  • Risperidone 3mg

    30 $29.95 $1.00




    100 $74.90 $0.75 $24.93




  • Risperidone 4mg

    30 $32.50 $1.08




    100 $79.50 $0.80 $28.83




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P.H. California USA
I had told you earlier that I was frequently experiencing no effect from the oral Tadalafil purchased from you. I am a 42 year old male in excellent health, exercise 6 days per week, and maintain a low bodyfat, cholesterol, and eat well and take vitamins. This may be my own personal stomach enzymes, but after experimenting & noting dosages and times, I have come to the following conclusion: taken immediately after a light meal, the oral Tadalafil's bioavailability is increased *immensely* - 10mg produces a prounounced effect within 1.5 to 2 hours. On the other hand, again in my body, 20mg taken on an empty stomach with water and/or diet soda, in my system there is no noticeable effect, even when taken with grapefruit juice (enhances oral bioavailability of certain pharmaceuticals). Thanks again for your understanding and support. Obviously I will be injesting my Tadalafil with food from now on :) And of course I will continue to use your company and appreciate your excellent customer service and products.

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