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Frequently Asked Questions

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Generic pharmaceuticals contain exactly the same active ingredients as their branded counterparts.

In almost all cases, generics work as well as their brand-name siblings, and often cost considerably less.
This is possible not because of lower quality, but because research and advertising costs are much less for generics.

The Generic version of a drug may differ in color, size, and shape from its brand-name counterpart; these differences have no effect on the effectiveness and are for commercial or patent reasons only.

A drug company can hold exclusive patent rights to make a drug for 20 years after its discovery. After that, other companies can start making generic versions of the drug.
All products are sourced from the manufacturer or pharmaceutical wholesale suppliers.

All medications listed are Generics and all our medications are shipped using the original packaging with Manufacturers Date , Batch Number and Expiry Date.

We do not repackage the products in loose tabs.

The appearance and packaging will be different compared to other branded and generics you may be used to in your country. This is due to where the medication is manufactured.

We only source from reputable known suppliers to us and please be assured that the quality is of the highest standard.
Our team are not qualified Medical professionals. Information listed on the website is to be used as general guide/information only and is not a substitute for professional medical services or advice. Please seek the advice of a medical professional - who is best to advise on suitability and dose for the selected medication. Please seek advise PRIOR to placing your online order.


All orders are shipped via International 1st Class Airmail and Registered Airmail FREE.

Packages shipping via 1st Class Registered Airmail have limited online tracking. US Post will ONLY update the online status of your Registration /Label ID when a delivery has been attempted.

Orders will be processed within 72 hours of being received. The package will be shipped from one of our International depots located outside of the USA.

Express Delivery
We also offer EXPRESS delivery (EMS) which can take around 5 - 7 working days (if no delays). This offer is only limited to some products and some countries. Also note this service is not free and fees will be charged to your account. The cost for shipping of 400 tabs & below is $35.00. If there are more than 400 tabs in one order, the cost is $60.00. Please Contact Us for enquiries.

Delivery Time
Regular and Registered 1st Class Airmail normally takes between 5-14 workings day from the date of shipment.

European countries can take up to 21 working days.

To check your order status visit the following link Order Status and enter the required information.

Partial Shipment
Large orders will be shipped in Multi packages over different dates. Information is provided in your Order history - Log on to My Account - Order history for details

Short Shipment/Damaged Package
Our team provides the highest quality service. If you package is incomplete upon delivery please provide details and evidence to or contact our Customer Service team.

Non Delivery
It is the customers responsibility to provide a valid and correct address when placing the order.

Packages with an incorrect/insufficient address will be redirected to the Dead letter section of your Local postal service. Seldom are packages returned to our offshore depot.

Every attempt is made to ensure a safe and secure delivery within 21 working days from the shipping date. Postal delays do occur due to Holidays, bad weather and airline schedule disruptions. Our Customer Service team can provide the latest delivery times.

Discreet Packaging
All goods are packaged discreetly. Contents cannot be identified from the packaging, no reference or markings to identify contents.

We will replace any order that has not been delivered providing:
1. Shipping address as received is correct and reconfirmed
2. 21 working days from shipping date has lapsed (28 days Europe)
3. Customer Service is contacted within 8 weeks from the ship date.
4. Sorry we will NOT reship any packages after 8 weeks.
Importation of prescription medications for personal use is permitted provided the medication is for personal use only.
Step 1: Check your Tracking ID here ?
Step 2: Copy the Tracking/Label ID and Check the tracking here -
Packages shipping via 1st Class Registered Airmail and EMS(Express Mail Service) have a limited online tracking service.
International Post will ONLY update the online status of your Registration /Label ID when a delivery has been attempted.
Orders will be processed within 72 hours of being received. Regular and registered 1st class airmail normally takes between 10-14 workings day from the date of shipment. European countries can take up to 21 working days.

For health and safety reasons, we cannot accept returns. If your order was damaged during shipping, please return the goods, for prompt replacement.

Every attempt is made to ensure a safe and secure delivery within 21 working days from the shipping date. Postal delays do occur due to Holidays, bad weather and airline schedule disruptions. Our Customer Service team can provide the latest delivery times.

Customer attempting or threatening to dispute payments will have their online account suspended or blacklisted, preventing any future orders to processed.. The Card may all be blacklisted from other payment processors or cancelled by your bank.

If you are unsatisfied with our services all we request is to 1st make Contact with Customer Service to resolve your displeasure - we are a customer focused organization and aim to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your online shopping experience.

Please contact us from Contact Us form.


Sometimes, the order confirmation email can be filtered as spam. Please check your Junk/Spam folder for the order confirmation email if you can't find it in your mailbox.

To prevent the order confirmation email filtered to junk mail folder, please add our email to your mailbox whitelist. To see how you can whitelist our email, please click here.


1. VISA. Credit, Debit and Gift Cards are accepted.

Note: Our processing bank is located offshore in Asia. Some US banks charge cardholders an additional fee for offshore transactions. This non refundable International Transaction Charge varies from $1.00-$ 4.00 We do NOT receive this Fee- it is a processing fee charged by the cardholders bank for processing with a bank outside of the Usa.

2. MASTERCARD - you can purchase a Visa Gift card with your Mastercard.
Note: Gift Card must be valid for an offshore purchase outside of USA.

3. BANK TRANSFER - Please contact Customer Service for details

4. Western Union payments are NOT accepted.


1. Cash via Zip Zap - MoneyGram. Search payment locations here

Visa's security measure Verified By Visa may ask for some personal questions when you are paying. This is part of the Visa system. We can ensure you that we do not keep or have access to any of this information. Visa is using this information to verify that you are indeed the cardholder.


We request customers to plan well ahead to avoid running out of medication. Best to reorder every 4 weeks as we cannot preempt Postal Service delays or be held responsible for delivery delays due to bad weather or a Customers inability to plan ahead.
Method 1:
a) Log in to your personal BM Pharmacy account
b) Click My Account
c) Click Order History
c) View your last order
d) In the "Refill Order Reminder" section, select the REFILL date of your choice and click Update

Method 2:
After you have successfully placed an order, there is a section at the bottom of the page to let you setup a refill reminder.

Receive 10% discount on your refill order as part of our loyalty reward program.

What happens after I set up a Refill reminder?
a) An email will be automatically sent to your nominated email to remind you of your Refill.
b) A Link is provided in the email for you to complete your refill and payment.

BM Pharmacy does not store your financial information from previous orders.

If you need your refill earlier, you are welcome to contact us.
To prevent fraudulent purchases we don't accept orders larger than $300.00 from 1st time customers until the following information is provided within 72 hours.

1. Copy of the physical credit card front & back (only the first four and the last four digits of the credit card number to be visible).

2. Declaration with a signature from the cardholder declaring these details:
a. Delivery address
b. Telephone Number
c. Billing Address
d. Email address
e. Cardholders signature

3. Scan/email details to
4. Upon receipt of details the order will be shipped
5. Failure to provide details within 72 hours the order will be cancelled and card refunded.
Wish to tell us something? Email us from Contact Us form.

All reviews on this site and other forums are monitored for their authenticity.

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I would like to express my thanks and appreciation for your excellent customer service, reliability,quality generic product and ju st great, great service! It is very rare that I would write a testimonial f or a company, however I have enjoyed constant and amazing service from your selves and I feel it necessary to put this in writing to express my gratitu de and loyalty. Please feel free to use this testimonial in any advertising or literature etc. as I am more than happy to recommend you highly and wit hout reservation! Thank you.

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